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Dear Bride, Consider the Small Moments Too

Dear Bride,  Your wedding day will be filled with many memories and special moments.  As I close out my 2017 photos and look back on the weddings, the small and often private moments stand out.  I hope you find a photographer you feel close to, comfortable with, and who honors these moments with respect and gratitude.

The big moments:  the first look, the kiss, the first dance, the cake, the grand exit.   These moments are on the checklist, I'm sure.  Don't want to miss those.  Click. Click. Click. 

But the small moments matter more than you think.  The quiet and private moments.  You see, we're there to document all of those precious, small moments.  To do so we're physically there experiencing these moments next to you. 

We're there in the room with tears behind the camera when your daddy sees you and that big old softie cries.  We're there when the veil goes on and the look is finished and all of your girls are speechless.    We're there when everyone puts their hands on you and prays over you and we say, Amen.   And we're there in that final empty moment when your bridal party has already begun the procession and you wait in your quiet hidden space.  It's just you - maybe your daddy - and your photographer.    When the ceremony is over and you walk out and have your first moment to breathe and look into each other's eyes and embrace, we're there.  There isn't a wedding photographer who doesn't understand with great respect the weight of this privilege.   

I pray before every wedding.  HARD.  I pray a lot for you and your soon to be spouse and your future.  I pray for your family.  I pray for the event to go smoothly and for people to be full of love and joy for you.   But I also pray that I will have a calming, peaceful, and joyful presence for you.  I pray that when I'm in those small moments with you that I have a warm smile and an encouraging heart.  I pray that if unexpected changes occur, rain comes, or nerves surface that I will be able help resolve those with a calm and loving demeanor.    And obviously I pray that God will allow me to use the talents he's given me to give you beautiful memories you can cherish for generations to come.

More than spiritually, I will also remind you to take a moment to pray, eat or drink something, and use the restroom before you walk down the aisle, I'll remind you not to lock your knees and to remember to breathe.   I'll insist you take your time, take in each moment, and not be rushed in anything your vendors, family, guests or planners expect of you. 

Being a part of your day is a huge responsibility.  I dance between sliding along the perimeter quietly capturing every moment to being fully present with you in these precious moments.    But truly I am grateful that you have trusted me with these moments, allowed my presence, and trusted that I can provide you with beautiful memories.  Thank you.