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The Value of Familiarity

Hi friends!  So this is my first blog post EVER.  And I always said I'd never have a blog because I didn't have anything interesting to say.  But this came to me the other day and it is something I feel passionately about so I'd love to share it.  

I began my photographer's journey in 2014.  A couple of families have been with me the whole way and in trusting me with their family images, have helped me to grow.   But now 3 years later I have noticed 3 reasons why it's worthwhile to build and maintain a relationship with your photographer:

1.  It matters to your kids!  I think especially for small children you cannot discount the importance of familiarity.   Kids know they are going to come for pictures with "Miss Nicole" and it's going to be a FUN time!  They already know me so there's no warm up period, they run up to me with hugs and smiles ready to see what adventure we're on this time.  They know I probably have candy too!   They are not scared to leave mom and dad's safe arms and sometimes hold my hand as we walk.   Obviously this is precious and warms my heart but it turns into great, natural, REAL, joyful images too.  I remember they love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I know their real smiles from their cheesey ones, I know that one face she made last time with the pursed lips/crinkled nose/cocked eyebrow and I just caught it again.  

Rowan 6 months - 2 Years

 2. Adults care too!  I see moms and dads are more relaxed.  I always joke that dads are harder to win over than kids.  They know me, my work and the routine, I know mom's "favored side," and we've learned things about each other and we can have fun while we shoot.  

3. I value you!  From a photographer's prospective let me tell you that if you are an "established client" there is little I won't do for you.  I value our relationship, your trust, and the fact that you value me in return!  So if we go way back, I will go above and beyond to find "that location," childcare for my kids on  "that date,"  a special prop, etc.  Because I value you being a ongoing part of MY journey.

To be clear, I can meet a family for the first (and maybe only) time and have a very successful session.   That definitely happens too!    And do still work very hard to accommodate new clients.  But I can tell you there is tremendous value from building a long term relationship with your photographer.    

"Your Family's Photographer" is my business tag line.   It popped into my head clear as day after many days of prayer, thought, conversation, and numerous loser tag lines.    I love it because it speaks to the fact that I want and desire that relationship with your family.  I would be HONORED to document big and small milestones, homecomings, birthdays, graduations, first days of school, engagements, weddings, new babies, new grand babies, or whatever is going on in your life!   As they say, "the days are long but the years are short" and after the years pass, you will reminisce over your old photos in awe of what used to be.

Addison 2 years - 4 years