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Photographing Quints

Episode 4 // TLC's Hodges Half Dozen Featured Photographer


As I mentioned in my last  blog post  about my five favorite babies, the Hodges have been in front of my camera as long as I've had one.   So when Liz and Daniel found out they were pregnant with quints they asked if I'd take their photos.  Let's do a brief run down of a few of my anxieties on this topic:

2) five babies
3) 5 babies
4) plus a toddler...

Kidding aside, let's be real for a second.  I am a family photographer and I LOVE taking newborn photos but it is not something I do it as often as someone who has dedicated themselves to that industry alone.   I have never even taken photos of newborn twins never mind QUINTS.   We knew that these babies would likely be born preterm and have a long NICU stay which complicated the typical 2 week window you'd use photographing newborns.  Oh also, they have a TV show and will be filming this special occasion.   No pressure!  


I finally came to the peace-filled realization that God did not bring me to this point in my photography business to let me fall on my face on national TV.  The Hodges believed in me and were insistant that I do this for them and so I did.   I prayed mightily that God would bless this gift and talent He's given me to give my dear friends treasured photos of their amazing miracles.    Ultimately that's all that really matters.  


So here was the game plan: We prioritized shots and went for the quints, siblings with Rowan, each baby individually and then the family of 8.  To play it safe we planned swaddled basket shots.  To keep it simple we used only one set of wraps to minimize transitions and the same set up for the boys and a very similar set up for Teagan.  With Kelley, Donna, Daniel and Liz all there I knew we had plenty of capable hands and helpers.  And then we just prayed it would all come together! 


Just For Fun // How to Tell the Quints Apart


The Hodges get asked all the time if there are any twins in the mix.  Which is funny to me because they all look so different!   But there are still FIVE and it can be overwhelming just to remember their names.  After guessing and failing an embarrassing number of are the memory tricks I use to tell the babies apart. 


Too easy.  She's the only girl.   And always dressed girly-girl which makes it even easier.  She is the most petite in the group and to me has the most feminine features.


LIAM >>>>

"The Brows."  If you've got the whole bunch together, Teagan and Liam are the easiest to pick out.  Liam has a Long face (Liam-Long) and the eyebrows.   Also BROW has four letters and so does LIAM.



I think of the boys in pairs and to me, Connell and Liam go together because they both have long faces.  Connell - long name - long face.   But not the strong brow like Liam.  So long face but faint brows - that's Connell. 

DILLON  >>>>

Dillon I nicknamed Dilly-Bear.  Which I did long before I noticed his teddy bear like features.  Dillon has a round head, big sparkly eyes and ears that stick out just a little.  Like a teddy bear! 


<<<< NOLAN

If I'm going to get two mixed up it will be Nolan and Dillon because to me they look the most alike.  When they are not side by side or I don't get a good straight on view of them, it's 50/50 if I'll get it right.  Nolan looks a lot like Dillon because of his round head.  Like a baseball.  Nolan Ryan = Baseball. 

You can follow these sweet miracles on Facebook and Instagram  and I hope you'll watch their show on TLC on Tuesday at 10/9c   -   it replays on TLC's show page  or their app TLC Go.