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Hodges Half Dozen

TLC's Hodges Half Dozen // Family Photographer


Trust me, when I started taking this family's photos I never, ever dreamed I'd take their pictures as a family of 8!  

The Hodges moved in 3 houses down from us back in 2012.  Daniel was overseas before they got married and Liz had us picked out as potential new friends and began stalking us with their dog, Tyson.   We finally met, found out Daniel and Aaron were both Marines, and the rest is history.   Our friendship revolves around a love of all food, especially late night tacos, the mutual acceptance of our sweatpants, the sharing of inappropriate memes, and the  shared struggles and triumphs of infertility, pregnancy, and parenthood.     In 2016 we moved and then they moved and so now we find ourselves separated by a long drive down I-35 further complicated by our now combined 9 children (8 boys) under 5. But when we are together it's like no time has passed.   When you find the kind of friends that will shoulder the burden of grief, give sound counsel, pray with and for you, wash your laundry, and laugh with you when you could probably rather cry...hang on tight! These are our Hodges. 

Filling up the NV to go see the babies

Filling up the NV to go see the babies

So the Hodges were always willing guinea pigs as I began my photography business and I've taken their pregnancy announcements, maternity, birth, and newborn photos as well as family pics here and there.  While I've never photographed quints, they insisted I take their photos as I always have.    So you'll see me from time to time on their new TLC show Hodges Half Dozen - sometimes with my friend hat on and sometimes with my photographer's hat on.   


On Hodges Half Dozen // First Episode

If you caught the first episode (click the link to watch!) we did maternity photos, and the images during the birth were mine as well.   Some past images from their pregnancy/birth of Rowan were also mine.  It's pretty bizarre and neat to see my work on the TV.    Their show image is even one of my photos.  My images were also featured on this article   detailing their birth.

Hodges Half Dozen Quints are Born!

Just for fun I'll share some Hodges fun stories:

1. Their dog Tyson used to escape out their front door but we soon discovered he'd just run right to our house.  And we'd bring him back or just let him in.  He thinks he is best friends with our dog Gigi.  She does not reciprocate his adoration. 

2. Sharing our love of food we always have what we call a "Hodge Podge." We merge whatever is in our fridges to make a meal.   We are gold level experts at a big fatty breakfast.  Biscuits and gravy, hash browns, bacon and Liz's egg-grits.  

3. In our group text I'm known for texting too many messages, my husband is known for sharing videos/articles no one will watch or read, Daniel is always ready with his arsenal of memes, and thank goodness Liz finally did the update because the reaction button is her life right now since her hands are full of babies.

Our big boys enjoying a batman movie night

Our big boys enjoying a batman movie night

You can follow my dear friends on Facebook and Instagram  and I hope you'll watch their show on TLC on Tuesday at 10/9c   -   it replays on TLC's show page  24 hours later.